The Crazy Daisies were three young women in Kobe, Japan in the early 1960s – two American women, both teachers at the Canadian Academy and a Japanese woman who was my mother.  They were young and beautiful, enjoying the blessings of friendship and international cross cultural exchange in a Japan that was still reinventing itself after the war and ‘foreigners’ were still rare.

Roughly half a century later, over a Skype call with a friend, we decided to pick up the baton and continue the spirit of the Crazy Daisies with the added byline – In Love With Nature.

Supported by friends and family, many of whom share the spirit of the Crazy Daisies, I am on an adventure to realise a dream – a working retreat space that receives inspiration from nature and shares its fruits to those who are willing to join me.  I am yet to find this place of fertile pastures where I can grow fruit and vegetables, bring people together for co-creation, inspiration, education and joyful living.  Along the way, I still have much to learn and experience….

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