Daily (Easter) egg hunt

There was more weeding the day after and the one after and the one after that…


It gives me so much pleasure and joy to see what eggs the chickens and ducks have laid and to collect them throughout the day.  It is like hunting for Easter eggs every day – and they are so much nicer than the cheap chocolate ones from the supermarket.

The chickens seem to lay their eggs in the same spot throughout the day.  Here there is a small tin shed lined with straw, and in the corner is a nest where the chickens lay one by one.  Often, I will go and check how they are doing, and I find a hen sitting in the corner and another three waiting, presumably for their turn at the entrance to the shed.  If none of the chickens are laying, I might find an egg or two and by the end of the day, there may be four or five or perhaps a dozen beautiful eggs of different shades and sizes sitting in the nest.

The ducks on the other hand seem to lay their eggs once they have been returned to their coop in the evening.  They too lay their eggs in the one nest but don’t seem to lay as often. I might find up to four eggs every few days.

My fellow Crazy Daisy (About) insisted I give one of the ducks an old-fashioned Spanish name so he or she has been named ‘Abelardo’.  There are three white ducks and a brown one so the brown one now has this fine name.  I asked for a name for a chicken as there is one that is an escape artist and manages to get herself into an off limits area and happily wanders around on her own.  She is a brown hen and is slimmer than the others, so perhaps there is a hole somewhere in the fence that she is getting through and back again!  ‘Matilde’ is her new name.  There is a speckled hen, still nameless, that has taken a liking to my legs and has started pecking me whenever I am near her.  My day off today, I went to feed them in my shorts and flip-flops and realised that was not such a good idea.